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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Tuesday, 26 April 2011 19:29

Feeling Is Believing

Written by  MARK CHUSSIL

We knew that Hurricane Katrina would devastate the Gulf Coast and we should act promptly, decisively, and effectively. But we didn’t.We knew we were vulnerable to terrorist attacks via hijacked airplanes, and we should take preventive action. But we didn’t.We knew that deep-water oil rigs are extraordinarily hard to plug once they start gushing and we ought to use the best technology and safeguards to prevent what’s called a “spill.” But we didn’t.We knew that air travel is vulnerable to weather ranging from snow to volcanic ash and we should prepare to accommodate, inform, and reroute hub-airports full of travelers. But we didn’t.We could have, we should have. We didn’t.If we spent one-tenth the energy on preparation, protection, and prevention that we spend on repair, blame, and fear, we’d live safer, more prosperous lives. But we don’t.What will it take for us to do better?We know it’s critical to train