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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 19 April 2012 00:32

Life of the Party

Written by  RON FAUSET, CBCP

So, you’ve always had a desire to be the life of the party. One sure way to be popular is to be the designated business continuity planner.Whenever I am invited to a party, as a designated BC planner, the first thing I do upon entering is immediately check to see where all the exits are located. Parties tend to be crowded and if an evacuation becomes imminent, it’s good to know the location of all the exits. If the power goes out and you are in a pitch-black environment, you want to have these exits in your mental download so you can feel your way and lead people to the exit.As a responsible designated planner, I recently approached the hostess of a party I attended to identify the evacuation meeting location. She must have misunderstood me because she pointed to the restroom and said I could do any evacuation there.