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Volume 32, Issue 4

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Monday, 15 April 2013 03:10

Is Your RTO Really MAD?

Written by  Frank Lady

Increasing levels of resilience within organizations reinforce the need to effectively employ the concept of “maximum allowable downtime (MAD)” alongside recovery time objective (RTO). Normally, RTO closely approximates MAD in the “classic” recovery scenario of a single production site and a single recovery site. This article will explore the relationship between these concepts, within the particular context of the highly resilient capabilities that many organizations possess. In those situations, RTO durations can be significantly longer than MAD, without increasing risk or inviting other negative consequences. Concepts A capability of an organization can be a business function or a technology application or system. An organization normally possesses numerous capabilities, in proportion to its size and complexity. This portfolio of capabilities often possesses varying degrees of resilience to disaster events. The level of resilience derives from a number of factors, some of which an organization may have purposefully crafted and some of which may