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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Monday, 15 April 2013 03:03

The Evolving World of Business Continuity

Written by  BOB ARNOLD

At our recent conference, I was lucky to visit with so many practitioners from many areas of business continuity and related fields. It is amazing how much dedication there is in the industry by those who work in the trenches everyday, striving to improve themselves and their organizations. Many of the attendees are long-time contacts, who have been in the industry since the old days of data backup, hotsites and simple disaster recovery. The evolution the industry has undergone over the past few decades is staggering. When we first hosted conferences, everything revolved around disasters and recovery. Some of the sessions from one of our earlier shows included “The Chicago Flood,” “Disaster Avoidance Strategies,” “AS400 Recovery Availability,” and “Disaster Recovery Issues for Local Area Networks.” It’s odd to look at the old brochures now and see what was at the forefront of the industry at that time. Now, the industry is so much