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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Friday, 25 April 2014 18:37

Enterprise Content Management A Journey of Many Steps

Written by  Richard Rockwell

Many corporations have launched major enterprise content man-agement (ECM) projects over the last few years that have had mixed results. Common issues include exceeding timelines and budgets, failing to meet the user expectations that were set, and reductions from the initial scope required to just get something useful done. After being brought in to assist several clients on troubled ECM projects, our conclusion is that ECM is an area that is best tackled by a series of steps — each step consisting of one or more small, well-defined projects rather than a single massive, all-encompassing project. Why Take Steps Instead of a Leap? ECM should not be viewed as a system to stand up or as an ap-plication to adopt. It should be viewed as an on-going service area addressing changing business needs. To us, that implies that ECM is best addressed by an evolving series of improvements and advances. There isn’t