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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Friday, 25 April 2014 18:24

Maturing Disaster Recovery: Employing the Cornerstone Versus the Boat Anchor

Written by  Randall Peters, MBA, BSBA

Leading a disaster recovery team has numerous challenges and responsibilities. Some are quite evident to the everyday observer. These include the well-documented recovery plans, exercise schedules, training programs, and overall awareness. The responsibility of building a disaster recovery team has its own subtle challenges. Identifying the right fit for the organization may come down to the challenge of identifying a continued investment in your incumbent planner or bringing in some fresh blood to get the process moving. An experienced planner with an intimate knowledge of your organization can and should be the cornerstone of your process. However, all too often these individuals may have endured a great deal of abuse, disappointment, dead ends, and have settled into their comfort zones. This can take your valuable cornerstone and turn it into a boat anchor in terms of future growth. The success and maturation of the disaster recovery process may come down to