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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 24 April 2014 19:32

Resiliency 2015: Technology That Delivers Intelligence, Insights in Real Time

Written by  Kathleen Aris

When a major storm or natural disaster erupts, today’s businesses and organizations often can’t respond fast enough. For organizations, this could cause significant process disruptions and concerns for employees, even if IT systems stay up. It usually takes a post-mortem examination to figure out what happened and how one could have been better prepared for it. Risk professionals are quite good at quickly assessing and quantifying the impact of a risk – whether man-made, a natural disaster, or a criminal act – but that’s where it usually stops. They’re also adept at figuring out the downside, but they possess little insight into the upside. Frankly, a lack of predictive insight exists when one needs that intelligence most. Risk-mitigation strategies and actions are needed at the earliest possible sign of a potential threat. These insights trigger power. The solution: real-time performance and intelligence. The technology needed is a solution that offers real-time performance indicators