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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Tuesday, 21 April 2015 05:00

Critical Steps to Protect Data on Mobile Devices

Written by  Daniel Jacobson

A study conducted by Osterman Research found that 43 percent of employees have accessed sensitive corporate data on their personal mobile devices while on an unsecured network at places such as airports or restaurants. Even if your organization has a secure digital network on the premises – with firewalls and password-protected data – you need to keep in mind that much of your critical data and intellectual property is being accessed, stored, and transmitted by mobile devices outside your security perimeter. With Gartner Group research finding that more than 80 percent of workers use their personal mobile devices to conduct business tasks, it is critical to your enterprise today that your data-security solutions include protecting company assets on staff mobile devices. Here are a few best practices for securing your organization’s entire digital footprint including securing corporate data on smart phones, tablets, and laptops. Implement a data loss prevention program Your endpoint-security program