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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Wednesday, 06 April 2016 05:00

In Search of ‘Constructive-Discomfort’

Written by  J. Frank Lady III

As business continuity practitioners, we should maintain an attitude of “constructive-discomfort.” This mindset should influence our view of our role in the organization, our interaction with supported teammates and staff, the artifacts we produce, and our relationship with management. If one separates “constructive-discomfort” into both components, it would be easy to favor the former and lose the latter. Few would argue with the idea of being constructive (helpful, productive, or useful). Likewise, dwelling in a mindset of discomfort (anxiety, unease, distress) should have hardly any adherents. Combining the two words achieves a useful and synergistic outcome. The hyphen reminds us to consider them concurrently. Any responsible organization will maintain a business continuity management program (BCMP). In some business sectors, regulatory agencies require a BCMP. In other areas, only prudence demands it. The question facing senior management is this: how much business continuity is enough and how many employees does our organization need