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Volume 32, Issue 4

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Wednesday, 06 February 2019 22:31

They Called Me 'The Queen of Doom'

Written by  VICKY McKIM

What a ridiculous title – “The Queen of Doom.” But that was my unofficial designation when I worked for the largest insurance broker in the world some 20 odd years ago. My peers and direct reports gave it to me. I realize it must have seemed that way to them at the time. Then 9/11 occurred. My former boss died in that disaster. Our company lost 300 employees that day. I was teaching a business continuity class at our remote office in Detroit when a hysterical woman pulled me from the class to go to the breakroom television. The whole class followed. I watched one of the managers count down on the screen the number of floors to where the first plane landed. I heard him say, “That is our data center!” as he ran to his office to try to call co-workers in that tower. One of the employees in the room asked