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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 15 November 2007 21:24

Continuity & Recovery of a Local Area Network - A Hidden Aspect of Electronic Commerce Environments

Written by  Marc Le Brun

(Translation by: Richard d'Anjou) Not so long ago, continuity and recovery specialists in large corporations had to deal with new challenges with the advent of client-server technology. This approach once again added another level of complexity to all of the plan and procedure management and operation functions, arising from the increased role assumed by PC workstations. These workstations were, let's not forget, connected to local area network infrastructures that were all too often not covered by continuity and recovery procedures. Today still, an important number of client-server systems operate without this protection net around local area networks (LANS) and wide area networks (WANS). Despite this uncomfortable situation, the impacts in the event of a disaster or an interruption remain within corporate limits and within the networks controlled by the corporation. Experience demonstrates that the observed laxity more often than not is a result of a clash of the two technology cultures that are