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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Sunday, 18 November 2007 21:22

Choosing Business Continuity Options Strategically in a Client-Server Environment

Written by  Dr. Raja K. Iyer, Ph.D., CBCP

Introduction Until recently, when a disaster struck an organization and destroyed most of its facilities, business resumption and continuity meant frantically relocating data center operations to a hot site, while the organization's mainframe and peripherals were either repaired or replaced. Once the operating systems and critical applications were up and running on the backup computer, then and only then could the critical business functions resume. No matter how well-conceived and carefully crafted the disaster recovery plans are, organizations can still lose time and money in the event of a disaster. It is gratifying, however, to know that significant loss prevention can be ensured through disaster recovery plans which enable organizations to quickly and effectively move, recover, and resume operations at alternate sites in the event of a disaster. The recent trend towards a client/server (C/S) architecture has made the disaster recovery and business continuity planning process more complicated. The hardware, software, applications,