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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Sunday, 18 November 2007 21:27

Competitive Diligence

Written by  Michael Braham, CDRP

Corporations can not meet today's levels of productivity and expectations for corporate earnings if their systems, networks or critical suppliers have interruptions that affect productivity. Likewise, if customers do not choose to buy your products or services for any reason, an interruption to corporate earnings expectations could occur. Disaster recovery as an industry has evolved over the past quarter century from a data center operation into a methodology for corporate survival called continuity planning. Disaster recovery teams have struggled for years to obtain sponsorship and recognition on "Mahogany Row". Today, everyone from The Wall Street Journal to Entrepreneur is extolling the importance of contingency planning for dealing with both conventional interruptions and the possibility of a Y2K failure. Indeed, as an industry, we have focused on IT infrastructures and "Mean Time to Recovery" as the definitions of our value. But, I believe that on the eve of the new millennium, we have