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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Sunday, 18 November 2007 21:28

Emergency Operations at the Port of New Orleans: 2000.01.01

Written by  LTJG John Shkor and Brett Regan Young, CBCP, CISSP

New Orleans is known for food, jazz and a joie-de-vivre that comes alive at Mardi Gras. It promises to be a hot destination for New Year's Eve revelers this year, welcoming in the new century. New Orleans is also the point of convergence for several industries, including petroleum, manufacturing and shipping. With international shipping, it is the gateway to the busiest inland waterway system in the world. For the US Coast Guard, managing the Port of New Orleans is an enormous task, without the uncertainties of Y2K. Add a host of unknowns at the end of this year, and the job of the Coast Guard seems overwhelming. Why Lose Sleep Over The Port? The threat of Year 2000 failures within the maritime shipping world is difficult to quantify, and hard for many people to understand. It is also a mass of potential failure points. Much attention has been given to critical control mechanisms,