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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Monday, 19 November 2007 22:18

It's Y2K Crunch Time: Disaster Recovery Managers Looking for Effective Y2K Two Minute Drills

Written by  Allen G. Burgess

Most media are swallowing whole the current Y2K happy talk coming from corporations and government agencies. Information Week, for example, reported earlier this year that "There seems to be a growing consensus that year 2000 computer problems at most major U.S. businesses will be nothing more than minor annoyances that can be easily managed." Perhaps. We hope Information Week, and most other media outlets, are right. The Year 2000 problem could pose a monumental disaster for the global economy. And most U.S. companies have worked hard to clean up their systems. Still, the signs exist that all is not completely well. For example, whenever my company is invited to demonstrate our Y2K testing/verification tool at customer sites, we ask the organization to supply us with certified code ' programs that have been analyzed, remediated, tested and given a Seal of Y2K Approval. Then we run it through our IV&V (independent validation and verification)