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Volume 32, Issue 4

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Sunday, 18 November 2007 21:19

Lead-acid Batteries in the Hazard Assessment and Planning Process

Written by  Donald E. Koehler and Wendi K. Givigliano

Disaster Response personnel, Business Continuity Planners and other professionals who make it their business to know and understand hazards in a business environment may overlook a common hazard in occupied buildings. This "hidden" hazard? Lead-acid batteries used to provide power for communications equipment or for UPS systems. Many times DR professionals are brought into the planning process as "hired guns" and may not fully appreciate all of the hazards and exposures faced by their client. This article is designed to encourage DR professionals who may not fully understand the hazards posed by lead-acid battery plants to seek further information. Let us start by describing the major types of lead-acid batteries and the hazards they may pose to your business operation. We will also briefly examine some Federal laws which apply to lead acid batteries and point you to some valuable resources where you can obtain additional information to enhance your hazard