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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Sunday, 18 November 2007 13:46

Preventing Psychological Trauma: The Next Generation of Recovery Planning

Written by  Michael Maly, LPCC and Carole A. Putt, Ph.D.

It is safe to speculate that nearly everyone in the disaster recovery field knows about the recent disaster at the Rouge Manufacturing Complex near Dearborn, MI. While the pictorial and written images of the destruction to the plant itself, as depicted in the media, are vivid, it is nearly impossible to read about this disaster and be unmoved by the resultant human losses. The gravity of the impact was captured by William Clay Ford, Jr., Chairman of the Ford Motor Company, who, after hearing of the blast, went to the site and later visited hospitals where he spoke with victims' relatives. "Our employees are like extended members of our family," said Ford, who appeared shaken." He added that, when he heard of the explosion, "My heart sank. It's about the worst feeling you could ever have. It's the worst day of my life." Here's another safe speculation: without a doubt,