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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Monday, 19 November 2007 22:12

Y2K Myth, Contingency Planners, and Reality

Written by  Norm Koehler, CRP

The biggest Y2K myth I hear, even today, is that by declaring a disaster on the dawn of a new millennium, a company can buy some time to fix any significant date related problem(s) they may have. That is simply wrong! If you or your management holds true to this belief, or erroneous hope, may I suggest that you read on, castoff and dispel this thought. If not, come January 1, 2000, all the contingency horses, and all the recovery men, won't be able to put the business back together again. To understand the position I am coming from is to understand the role of the recovery planner, followed by corporate acceptance of your role and limitations. Quite simply put, it is to prevent a major unexpected interruption, and to ensure, through advanced planning and testing, that your business survives as a corporate entity should such an event occur. To that