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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Tuesday, 20 November 2007 23:39

Preventing PC Downtime

Written by  David Cane

Corporate IT departments are tasked with many duties battling computer downtime, repairing configuration problems and retrieving lost data for the hundreds and thousands of PCs they manage. Until recently, no automated solutions have existed that address these pervasive problem areas. The result has been an issue that continues to raise the total cost of ownership for the corporate PC while lowering the productivity of the PC user. According to both GartnerGroup and META Group - PC configuration problems consistently rate in the top-five of the most common help desk calls. Given the reliance placed on PCs by users, preventing computer downtime for executives, high-powered professionals, salespeople and other knowledge workers is mission-critical to small, medium, and enterprise businesses. While businesses have invested billions of dollars in their computing infrastructure, to date, companies have invested lightly in 'PC Health' solutions, resulting in a sizable support gap. The need for a convenient and dependable