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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Tuesday, 20 November 2007 23:45

The ESOCI Principle: A Systematic Approach to Managing Emergency Response Incidents

Written by  Greg Indelicato

By their very nature, responses to emergency incidents, such as chemical spills, fire or other sudden environmental impairments, are performed under less than optimal conditions. As a result of this less than favorable operating environment, the success of such an emergency operation relies on rapid, accurate assessment of the situation, devising an appropriate plan and the successful implementation of that plan. Although many very specific Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) have been developed by very knowledgeable groups, the following presentation outlines a simple, yet very flexible management system that is applicable to many, if not all types of situations. The Emergency Systems Operational Control Instructions (ESOCI) Principle' provides a framework from which an incident manager can rapidly, yet simply, gain control of an incident and to assist in providing consistent management of the costs, liabilities, and other associated risks. In many cases, the first responder will not be a trained environmental, health and