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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Wednesday, 21 November 2007 00:24

Continuous Availability - Reflection on Mirroring

Written by  Bradley R. Bruhahn, CBCP

“I’m sorry, the computers are down!” How often have we heard this in our everyday lives? How many times can a company experience computer system downtime and not lose business? Just how far will brand loyalty maintain a customer base before they switch to the competition out of shear frustration? There have been a number of major IT outages in the news in the past few years. According to The Gartner Group, businesses that can’t tolerate computer system outages should implement some form of ‘data replication’, or ‘mirroring’. For the “Global 2000”, Gartner indicates data replication is simply a business requirement. E-commerce is driving more and more businesses to place increasing emphasis on continuous application availability and fault tolerant IT processing. For example, some financial institutions are building multiple IT sites with extensive failover capabilities so that an outage (even a complete site disaster) will not cause an interruption in service. These companies