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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Wednesday, 21 November 2007 00:31

Disaster Recovery: No Longer Enough

Written by  Ron LaPedis, CBCP

In the business world, computer disaster recovery planning is evolving toward business continuity planning. In recognition of this trend, in 1995, DRI International, an organization founded in 1988 to provide a base of common knowledge in continuity planning, replaced the designation for Certified Disaster Recovery Planner (CDRP) with Certified Business Continuity Planner (CBCP). What is the difference between disaster recovery and continuity planning? In theory, a disaster recovery plan is reactive and usually focuses on the computing environment. Although work is done to harden the computing infrastructure to prevent a disaster, the plan’s main purpose is to recover from damage to the infrastructure. In contrast, a business continuity or contingency plan is not only proactive, but it is also targeted at keeping the business running, and not just recovering the computers. Many companies today do not have a working continuity plan. Of those companies that do develop a continuity plan, many proceed