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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Wednesday, 21 November 2007 00:25

If Your Server Crashes, Will You Be Prepared?

Written by  Alex Bakman

Your server is, in so many ways, the heart of your organization. When that heart suddenly stops beating-in other words, when the server crashes–a lot of bad things happen in a hurry. Imagine your sales force being unable to access e-mail for the critical leads, competitive data, and other information they need to do their job. Imagine key managers missing meetings because, with scheduling software residing on the Web, they couldn’t view their planners. Imagine your corporate intranet unavailable to the whole company. In short, imagine the many hours and thousands of dollars in lost productivity if just one server is down for any significant length of time. It’s not a pretty picture. But wait, there’s more. Keep in mind that since your server was originally installed, applications and equipment have been added, settings have been endlessly tweaked and adjusted, and systems administrators have come and gone. Nobody has kept an accurate