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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Wednesday, 21 November 2007 00:23

Maximizing the Reliability of Communications Systems: A Total Protection Approach

Written by  David Anderson

Contamination in communication and power lines is a fact of life. High-voltage transients like lightning can shut down entire systems. High-frequency disturbances caused by utility practices as well as copiers, elevators and other loads on building power lines can be equally devastating. You can’t prevent harmful power disturbances from occurring. But by instituting Total Protection, you’ll prevent them from undermining the performance of your communications systems. This article will show you ways to increase your company’s profitability, and improve the reliability of your communications systems. It will also discuss the appropriate tools for enhancing the overall performance of your voice, data and video equipment. Introduction Telecom systems have changed dramatically over the last several years, evolving into “telecomputers”. Compared to past technologies, today’s telecom systems are more sensitive to transient influences and more expensive to install, repair and maintain. Thus, the quality of the end user’s power and grounding environment are more critical