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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Wednesday, 21 November 2007 00:25

The California Energy Crisis Illuminates Cutting Edge Data Protection and Availability

Written by  Scott Robinson

While regulators and public utility companies grapple with the economic issues of the California energy crisis, businesses are left scrambling, wondering if their information systems are prepared for the inevitable power outage. The energy crisis in California has prompted utility firms to institute power outages to save energy, affecting millions of customers statewide. With a crisis like this comes the often evaded question: “Does our current information infrastructure contain the most sophisticated data protection technologies including backup and recovery, mirroring, and power protection, and is it enough to maintain 100% availability should this crisis or any other disaster occur?” Data Protection and Availability Solutions There are many data protection and availability options available ranging from simple CD-RW discs for backing up PC hard drives to full-scale Storage Area Networks (SANs) based systems that allow data backups to be performed and data mirrors to be created across an enterprise-wide shared server/storage environment. Standard