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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Wednesday, 21 November 2007 23:39

Preparedness, Protection For Your Business

Written by  Sam Bishop & Ron Kramer

For businesses relying on mission-critical computing systems, downtime isn’t an option. For emergency-response organizations, lost time can be life threatening. In the business world, downtime and lost productivity mean lost revenue, an unacceptable proposition in any economy. The best way to reduce downtime is to prevent it in the first place by deploying continuous computing technology. The goal of fault tolerant solutions is to provide nonstop, 24/7 computing, even in the event of a component failure or software crash. Until recently, fault tolerance has been predominantly Unix-based and these costly systems can be justified only in the high-end enterprise market. Small to mid-size businesses operating in a Windows/Intel or Solaris environment – manufacturers, call centers, utilities, and e-commerce companies – are looking for assured availability to protect their data and their investment. In the past, these types of businesses have had little choice but to rely on backup systems and failover tools