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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 22 November 2007 00:30

Application-Aware Solutions

Written by  Elaine S. Price

Today’s economy is driven by dynamic, fluid information and processes that link enterprises, partners, employees and clients. To compete in this environment, an enterprise needs to maintain availability of its business processes as near to 24x7 as possible. Data availability, the protection of static information at the bit and byte level, is no longer the solution. Enterprises today require business continuity; the ability to ensure that in the face of disaster, business critical information and processes are available quickly and completely. This is especially critical as recovery point and recovery time objectives continue to shrink due to the expedited proliferation of content and the growing global enterprise. Data Availability Does Not Equal Business Continuity In an enterprise application, no information object is an island. The relationships between documents, data files, image files, and other information, on an enterprise-wide scale, are extremely valuable and may be intricate and complex. Using a parent-child hierarchy of relationships,