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Thursday, 22 November 2007 00:32

Multi-Terabyte Data Recovery In A Few Clicks

Written by  Jeff Iverson

Because data is the backbone of today’s organizations, immediate recovery of data during IT outages is key to survival. It’s time to shift our focus from quick backup to near-instant recovery time. When data is lost or damaged for any reason, it negatively impacts or completely halts business processes; customer services, income generation, and the business’ reputation are put at risk, resulting in an enterprise-wide dilemma. Adequate backups protect against permanent loss of data; however, the time it takes to rebuild and recover from a data disaster can have catastrophic business consequences. The key to avoiding this potential calamity is near-instant data recovery (from any type or size of data mishap). It is possible to implement a process that “rewinds” or rolls back the data image to any precise point in time, giving data administrators the means to recover from system crashes, data corruption, and any type of data failure in minutes. This