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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 22 November 2007 02:52

A Model to Mirror Large Files on Internet

Written by  Kui Zhao, Tao Li, Ping Yang, Xiao-Jie Liu & Lihui Wang

Data is very important to enterprises with the development of information technology, however, without a special disaster recovery plan, the data is very likely to be lost or damaged. A disaster recovery plan sets up a system, which is completely or almost completely the same as the original system and survives the data by geographical distribution and redundancy of data system. Data backup technology is the basis of the whole disaster recovery system, and the key to success. The geographical reach of common backup technologies such as tapes, RAID, SAN and NAS are strictly limited. SAN covers the maximum distance, ranging from 10km to 100km, but it’s too expensive for average users. The others mentioned above are only suitable for local storage. The bandwidth and the speed of Internet have been sharply improved with the development of Internet. Back up technology based on the cheap and convenient Internet resources have come