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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 22 November 2007 02:56

Simulating Disaster Scenarios: A Missing Link In Crisis Management

Written by  Kevin C. Desouza

We live in uncertain times, where the only certainty is the occurrence of crises. Crises occur due to the complexity of the environments in which we operate. Technology-based crises are on a rise, and will continue to rise as technology immerses and becomes a fabric of our societies. The recent surge in viruses, network failures, data losses and leaks, sabotages to networks, and many other malicious acts are witness to the increasing need for organizations to prepare for technology-based disasters. Much of the current disaster and crisis literature is slanted toward taking exuberant steps to prevent technology disasters and coming up with grand-scale contingency plans to deal with technology disasters if they do occur. While I acknowledge these are two important aspects of any disaster recovery program, we are missing an important piece in the middle – “immediate responses to disasters.” This can be characterized as the time just after a disaster