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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 22 November 2007 02:56

Sports Teams Take Second Look at Crisis Preparedness

Written by  Ted Birkhahn & Charles Harris

Like any responsible corporation, a professional sports franchise must be aware of potential crises. As such, management teams in the professional sports industry must continually refine their processes, procedures, and protocol to ensure the team, front office, and the brand can survive a crisis event. Historically, we’ve witnessed the good, bad, and ugly in the sports industry. Some organizations have handled themselves impeccably during a crisis. They’ve realized that while you can’t prevent every crisis from occurring, you can prepare yourself to successfully respond to almost any calamity imaginable. Some organizations have been through extreme crises and suffered immeasurably for it. A lack of preparedness and understanding of how to respond to various constituents has left in its wake irreplaceable damage to the reputation of the teams and companies involved. Others have recognized the need to act fast and respond to the concerns and needs of their constituents during a crisis.