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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Monday, 19 November 2007 21:31

Acronym Soup - BCP, DR, EBR... What Does It All Mean?

Written by  Michael Croy & James E. Geis

With all the terms and abbreviations being used today regarding risk management – BCP, DR, EBR, RPO, RTO, SLA, etc. – a conversation about data protection and risk mitigation sounds like a bowl of acronym soup. And this stew of confusion is peppered with an urgent sense that such matters need to be addressed PDQ. In fact, major technology decisions are currently being made in an attempt to respond to pressing issues. But, at the same time, many still ask, “What does this all really mean? Why are people trying to sell me on a business continuity plan when we already have a solid disaster recovery solution in place? We bought four terabytes of storage this year, implemented a new storage area network (SAN) with all the built-in bells and whistles, and I back-it-up-to-tape. Isn’t that a disaster recovery solution?” Viewing risk management through a clear broth rather than a pea soup