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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Monday, 19 November 2007 21:03

Addressing the Data Protection Challenges

Written by  Jet Martin

Whether it is customer account information, financial records, operations data, or e-mail, the life blood of any business is corporate data. Data protection should not be an afterthought. Studies have shown that businesses that suffer catastrophic irrecoverable data loss typically don’t survive more than a few months much less over the long run. This growing reliance on corporate data underscores the need for data to be 100 percent reliable, constantly accessible and always up-to-date. Both the value and volume of corporate data has grown by leaps and bounds. It’s not uncommon for businesses to report a 50-100 percent annual average of data growth. Putting this in perspective, a company with 2TB of storage today growing at 100 percent would have 32TB of storage in just five years. The most significant cost associated with this growth lies in managing and protecting this volume of distributed storage. This explosive growth coupled with the