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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Monday, 19 November 2007 21:33

Business Continuity Planning in the Real World

Written by  George W. Kibildis

You are the business continuity planner for a large financial services company having just completed an estimated three-year project to develop and implement a corporate-wide business continuity program. This program includes your corporate headquarters and non-corporate physical locations including subsidiaries. Life is grand! You completed your project a year early and under budget by one-third of estimated expenditures. All 40 of your profit-centered business area vice president managers are thrilled and thoroughly knowledgeable about their area’s BCP, and they have ensured that all of their managers and staffs are equally knowledgeable. The vice presidents pester you to schedule tests for their plans and drop everything to attend to your quarterly update maintenance requests. Senior management praises the benefits of having a corporate-wide BCP program in place and often invite you to lunch with them to discuss risk management issues. When you come up with a new idea to improve your program, managers drop