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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Monday, 19 November 2007 21:19

Modeling Events To Affect a Recovery

Written by  Garry Bond

How do you begin planning specific recovery strategies for a disaster event that hasn’t happened? Industry best practices and your own good sense suggest that you use the worst-case scenario to determine the necessary recovery strategy to be used. It follows that if you can account for all elements of a recovery from the worst-case event, you could use the appropriate sub-set of tasks to recover from the less-than-worst-case event – which, of course, is more likely to happen. Since 9/11 the case for worst-case planning has become stronger, but does not address those recovery steps, tasks, and procedures that need to be taken for a less than worst-case event. Consider that in order to recover a business unit and its functions you would take different steps if the building was leveled by a tornado than if the data center that supports the computer applications was to become inoperative for 48 hours.