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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Monday, 19 November 2007 21:08

What Every CIO Should Know About DR

Written by  Michael E. Anzis, CBCP

A number of years ago when I became CIO of a large international company, my operations manager advised me that our disaster recovery hotsite contract was up for renewal and needed enhancement. We were a single IBM mainframe shop supporting a $7 billion business, and our configuration and telecommunications requirements had not been kept up to date in the contract. Previously, I had managed in a multiple datacenter environment, with each site backing up the others, so I hadn’t worried about an outside contract, or thought much more about disaster recovery. My initial response in my new job was probably typical. We upgraded the configuration specified in the contract, priced it out, and gained approval for a new hotsite contract and network failover capability. However, questions that had bothered me for years about disaster recovery (DR) started nagging at me again as I thought about the broader implications of our strategy.