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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Monday, 19 November 2007 21:05

When You Least Expect It ...

Written by  Michael Barbara, CBCP

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article serves as a follow-up to articles published in the winter 2004 and summer 2004 editions featuring the trials and tribulations of a new BC professional. One never knows when disaster will strike. As every business continuity professional (BCP) should know, being prepared to face any type of encumbrance is the true test of how effectively a corporation can recover from a disaster. Some of the most often cited references in the business continuity literature have shown that those entities that are not formally prepared to recover from a disaster close operations within a few years. Ironically, I had the unfortunate luck to face two potentially disasterous events within a short time span. It was the level of preparation that contributed to an effective recovery. All of a Sudden… Since my arrival with the firm as a BC coordinator in March 2003, not much has transpired, necessitating my direct intervention with