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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Tuesday, 23 June 2009 10:30

Can Commercial Enterprises Prevent Natural Disasters?


FiguresView Full Size (232kb) Figure 1 above clearly shows earthquake epicenters and actually outlines the “ring of fire” along tectonic plate boundaries. The background colors correspond to earthquake intensity zones and are derived from the earthquake epicenter data. View Full Size (232kb) Figure 2 above shows tropical storm intensity zones and estimates the most severe storm that a region is expected to experience during a 10-year period based on analysis of historical storm data. View Full Size (232kb) Figure 3 View Full Size (232kb) Figure 4 View Full Size (232kb) Figure 5 View Full Size (232kb) Figure 6 View Full Size (232kb) Figure 7 View Full Size (232kb) Figure 8One key aspect of disaster recovery planning has traditionally been about returning to business as usual after a natural disaster. But what if the effects of natural disasters could be avoided altogether? Is it time for the serious corporate contingency planner to consider proactive planning efforts geared toward