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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Monday, 22 June 2009 15:51

Decentralizing the Plan Approval Process


Business continuity (BC) plan components continually change. We see this change as the rule, not the exception. As a result, BC plans require continuous maintenance to avoid becoming stale or even irrelevant. Occasionally, significant modifications to the plan’s business functions make necessary a major transformation of the plan. These new realities may include organizational restructuring, facility realignment, merger or acquisition, process evolution or revolution, or other factors. More frequently, smaller scale changes affect plan details. Adjustments to employee and stakeholder contact information and call trees, vendor relationships, desktop technology configurations, communication tools, critical applications or vital records, incorporation of exercise lessons learned, and a host of other aspects continuously erode ccuracy. Another challenge swirls with these undercurrents of plan change dynamics. The general length of BC plans inevitably expands in proportion to the size and complexity of their supported organizations and recovery strategies. BC professionals must reconcile the competing imperatives of keeping plans current