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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Monday, 22 June 2009 15:54

Reconsidering the BC Professional’s Boundaries


Business continuity professionals are often charged with preparing organizations for natural disasters, man-made events and technology failure (commonly known as availability-related risks). As a result, executive managers task the members of our profession with making workplaces, people, technology and equipment/supplies available following disruptive events. Some business continuity professionals tackle issues described as “operational risks”, such as supply chain issues. Interestingly enough, other risks with business continuity implications often remain unaddressed and untreated. These risks often lack the proper coordination in order to mitigate the risk or respond appropriately. But why? This article is written to suggest a necessary expansion in business continuity expectations – from availability-specific risks and threats to broader operational risks with business continuity implications. To be clear, the ideas offered in this article are not meant to replace viable operational and enterprise risk management efforts, nor does it assume the business continuity professional is the solution to all