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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Tuesday, 23 June 2009 10:26

Tabletop Exercises in a Struggling Economy

Written by  MICK KOCH, CBCP

How to maximize effectiveness and have the company spring for doughnuts The concept of performing a tabletop exercise was born of the need to practice a somewhat complex set of activities without breaking the budget or burning valuable company time. Most businesses look with a jaundiced eye on taking employees out of their assigned duties to “practice” a plan that may never be used: i.e. a business continuity plan. This is true during the most prosperous of times. How then does the business continuity professional convince business management that a tabletop exercise (or worse yet, a series of exercises) is essential during a business cycle trending downward? The following document offers some tips and tricks to planning, executing and following-up on business continuity plan exercises so that the company will see the benefit of these activities and maybe even spring for the doughnuts at the nest tabletop event.1) Exercise PreparationSo much