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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Tuesday, 23 June 2009 10:37

What’s the Real Cost of Disaster Recovery?

Written by  KEVIN BURTON

The following illustration shows the five-year cost performance of a hot-site agreement versus just-in-time (JIT), provisioning model applied to a mid-sized organization. The illustration compares two recovery tactics that are at different ends of the recovery option strategy spectrum and is designed as an illustration that will allow the reader to consider their individual choices in light of these two extremes. As the table illustrates, the costs associated with a hot-site agreement can be exorbitant. Whereas, the JIT model affords itself to organizations who do not have a massive technology footprint, and are willing to insure properly for unforeseen events. It should be noted that traditional hot site models have proven effective for organizations that have smaller technology footprints as well. Just-in-time, when applied to disaster recovery, computer hardware, and space, is acquired only at time of disaster and therefore does not incur a monthly run rate or maintenance fees. Hot-site pays