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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 08 July 2010 11:06

As Technology Moves Forward, Data Protection Does Too

Written by  MIKE TALON

Nnear the beginning of the digital revolution, computation devices relied on punch cards and other physical media to house information. This data was not stored solely in digitized form, but rather was converted to physical machine-readable information when it was required, so that the actual data remained in some other format. Ledgers, files, and other information storage systems were kept in secure locations, and backup meant copying the data to more files, ledgers, and storerooms.Then the computers started to acquire permanent storage devices, and data that was held on them was not simply a temporary copy of information stored in hardcopy. Huge tape reels were safeguarded and copied to ensure data was held on more than one piece of storage equipment, and vaults were established to house data on tape and other media. The paradigm created in the physical, hardcopy world was ported over to the digital world. For a