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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 08 July 2010 10:46

Be Prepared for the Unpredictable with Nimble Private Cloud Infrastructure

Written by  Brian Ussher

Risk to your business comes in many forms. There are natural disasters and economic downturns, as well as legal and regulatory compliance issues. There’s also unplanned downtime caused by poorly planned change or other unexpected issues. So, with all these known and unknown potential problems, how can IT organizations prepare for the unpredictable?Cloud computing infrastructure offers many advantages compared to traditional physical methods. From backup and replication of data, to ease of testing and restoration of business services after a disaster has been declared, cloud infrastructure can offer reliability, security, and affordability to keep your business running smoothly.What does “secure” really mean?One of the first scenarios people imagine about IT security is intrusion from the outside. And while that threat is real and requires appropriate measures, there are many other factors that create IT insecurity.For example, many small companies have mission-critical applications on servers that are in the back of