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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Wednesday, 07 July 2010 12:53

Oil Spill Moves Toyota From Spotlight

Written by  ED DEVLIN, CBCP

At the recent DRJ conference in Orlando one of my friends said, “Why don’t you present a crisis management case study using the Toyota accelerator crisis?” I thought that it was a good idea. I responded favorably, but with a caveat – only if no other “major” disaster/crisis occurred that would supersede Toyota.While I concentrated on reading as much information about Toyota as I could, and there was a lot of new information about Toyota, I couldn’t avoid reading about other incidents that were also important, such as the following acts of nature: Floods – April flooding in the northeast U.S.; May flooding in Tennessee and Kentucky. During the Tennessee flood, the Cumberland River, which winds through the heart of Nashville, spilled over its banks as the city received more than 13 inches of rain over the weekend. The flash floods were blamed in the deaths of more than 20 people