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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Thursday, 08 July 2010 10:55

Storage Consolidation: First Things First

Written by  KELLY LIPP

Storage and storage consolidation are the hottest topics in IT today. Onsite, cloud, high-performance, high-function ... there is more technology now than ever before. Resellers are getting more and more exposure to products every day. But where should you begin?Good business practices insist that we make sure we have a problem to solve before buying something to solve the problem. Specifically, how will buying more storage or different storage help your business make money, save money, or gain a competitive advantage? If you cannot answer the question in one of these areas, you probably should not be buying anything. Once you have decided that you can indeed positively affect your bottom line, where should you begin?Before undertaking a storage consolidation or adding more storage to an existing infrastructure, it would be wise to evaluate the backup infrastructure first. After all, your storage is only as good as your back-up solution.