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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Wednesday, 07 July 2010 16:44

When Suppliers Go Out-of-Business


The headlines are impossible to miss as havoc in the financial markets and the spiraling economic mess have unfolded. Daily, we hear of Fortune 500 companies that are struggling to stay afloat and many on Main Street that have already succumbed.In a recent Fortune Small Business/Zogby International poll of business owners, many respondents said their businesses had gone downhill in the past four years. So how does this economic crisis threaten the stability of your organization’s supply chain? What happens when your stable corporation depends on a single essential supplier to keep your operations running?And how do you best prepare for future supplier disruptions?Oakland, in Northern California, is the headquarters of Kaiser Permanente. More than 60 years ago, Henry J. Kaiser and Dr. Sidney R. Garfield first articulated their commitment to total health and their vision for high-quality, affordable health care for working men, women, and their families.Today, Kaiser Permanente