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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Monday, 11 July 2011 19:02

‘What If That Don’t Work?’ Some Timely Thoughts for Small Business


My thoughts were swirling during the chaos and devastation as tornadoes marched across Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia during the last week of April. Small businesses suffered catastrophes ranging from total loss of their facilities to the inconvenience of not opening because of lost power. They were shaken, and shaken badly. Flood waters drifting down the Mississippi River will also affect unknown hundreds of small businesses this summer – family tragedies, loss of inventory, even loss of facilities.While we criticize our teenagers’ driving attitude that says “it’ll never happen to me” but some of us do the same things when we conduct a risk assessment. Do these thoughts sound familiar?We’re not in a flood zone, so we don’t need to worry about floods. Hurricanes occur along the coast, not here. We don’t have to plan for them. We have a generator, so we’ll always have backup power. We’re not in tornado alley, so our