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Volume 32, Issue 4

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Wednesday, 27 June 2012 16:02

ISO 22301: The New ISO Standard: What Business Continuity Professionals Need to Know


Environmental incidents over the last 12 months, including severe weather and natural disasters across the globe, have led to greater awareness and a shift in attitudes towards business continuity management (BCM). Now with the global economy continuing to be turbulent, it is critical that organizations bring the issue of business continuity management higher up the boardroom agenda and prepare for the potential fall outs from political instability, social unrest and economic meltdown. BSI recently sponsored the renowned Chartered Management Institute’s (CMI) report, “Planning for the Worst,” which shows clear advantages for organizations that have business continuity plans in place to deal with incidents and crises when they hit. Of those who had to activate plans in 2011, 82 percent said BCM enabled their organization to return to normal operations more quickly, while 81 percent agreed it reduced disruption. The report also identifies corporate governance as the biggest external driver for BCM, as