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Volume 32, Issue 3

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Wednesday, 27 June 2012 18:14

Making A Go-Bag: An Updated Guide On How To Prepare For The Unexpected


Last week I spent a few hours in the freezing rain with a few hundred of my new best friends. Someone had tripped the fire alarm in my condo at 2 a.m. In my sleepy haze of panic I was able to throw on a layer of clothes, grab my coat, and make it down way too many flights of stairs from my penthouse unit while my adrenalin played havoc with my tummy and brain functions. The temperature was not at all what I had been used to while living in Hawaii. The day of the Japanese tsunami, I was in nervous-well-prepared-high-alert-emergency-mode while the sirens blasted their eerie tones every few minutes. I had my tropically appropriate go-bag and extra gear. I felt I had done everything I could to prepare, and I even felt I had time to go get a fancy coffee drink while waiting for the possible “big